Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been confirmed... life really is over!

This is my first full week of school finished. In this first week I have to read 16 chapters and take TWO tests for each of those chapters. Yes, two. A pre-test, and then a post-test, which is graded. Mind you, I like having the pre-test because it let's me know where I need more help. However, when each chapter has a gazillion pages and both tests take about an hour combined to complete... death becomes an option at this point.

Not only did our instructor mention that just because it's Labor Day weekend doesn't mean we don't get to labor over our books. She called it our "Labor Day study plan." I'm so thankful for Labor Day and whatever it stands for because had it not been for Labor Day, I would be so far behind on my studies that I don't think I would make it. And I'm willing to bet my husband and children would miss me. After all, who would make dinner?

I now have five days to get caught up. Wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it. LOTS AND LOTS of it!!

Until next time...

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