Monday, October 29, 2007


Random post:

I received an email yesterday from someone asking me if I would be interested in selling my domain to them. For one, the name Shancy has special meaning to me as it's my middle name and my first named combined. When I asked him why he wanted to buy he said it was because he makes a lot of websites. I find this to be a weird question considering "shancy" isn't a very popular name or term. I'm sure it was some kind of scam or something. Oh well.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Middle School & Braces...

So today at about ten til noon my daughter calls me from school. (She's in the 8th grade) She was really upset and I really couldn't gather what all she was talking about. What I did get was this:

Her: Hi mommy. I need to go to the ortho.
Me: Why baby, what happened?
Her: I was standing in the hall next to my locker and these two girls were messing around and one of them shoved me into the locker. Now my wire on my braces is messed up and I need to go to the ortho.
Me: Were they fighting? Are you okay?
Her: No they were messing around.
Me: Are you okay?
Her: Yea, but I need to go to the ortho.
Me: Is the wire poking out?
Her: It hurts. I need to go to the ortho.

So... I call her ortho and they tell me to bring her in right away. Now, judging from that conversation I get that she was pushed into a locker and the wires on her braces are broke and need fixed. Right? But when I pick her up the only thing that is wrong are the rubber things that hold the wire down had come off. I took her to the ortho anyway because I wanted to make sure the wire wasn't bent or that her tooth was loose. Apparently two girls were horsing around and one of the girls shoved the other girl forcing that girl to bump into my daughter therefore slamming her into the lockers face first. Her upper lip was split and she will most likely end up with a bruise on her cheek. She is going to be okay. Her teeth are fine and we just have to make sure we watch it over the next few days if it changes color. Apparently nothing happened to these two girls except they got a talking to from one of the teachers. It is so frustrating. The receptionist at the ortho told me that just last week a kid came in to get his braces fixed because someone through a desk at him. A DESK! What is wrong with these kids???

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Something surreal

So yesterday afternoon I was picking my daughter up from school and I'm sitting in the lobby talking to *Sarah about the California fires. A woman walked in and I thought she looked familiar but I couldn't quite place it. Anyway as I was talking to Sarah I mentioned that the year after I moved from that area to Missouri the place where we lived caught on fire. The woman asked me what area of Missouri I moved to so I told her, "St. Joseph". And she goes, "Oh really? I grew up my entire life in Maryville" (it's a town about 20-30 miles north of St. Joe). So then I ask her if they were Chiefs fans and she said yes and we talked about that for a minute. Then finally I asked her, "What is your name?" and she says, "well my last name is *Smith" and before she could finish I cut her off and said, "Is your name *Jane?" and she said, "Yes!" And then I said, "Jane, it's me, Stacy!" So this random woman who walks into my daughters school is someone I have known since I was a small child, around 3 years old. Her parents and my parents were best friends! I haven't seen Jane since we graduated high school so it was hard to recognize her off hand. At any rate, she just moved to Indiana this past June and her kids transferred to my daughter's school from a school just south of where we live. To top things off, her son is in my daughter's class! Like... how totally random and bizarre is this?! She was so happy because she doesn't know anyone in town and NOW she does!! And I am so happy because she is such a fun person and it's great that she lives literally down the road from me! This just goes to show you that we are living in a very small world!!

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*Names have been changed to protect the innocent... or guilty. Whichever you prefer.

Just signed up

My friend from high school, Brandy, has a blogspot and I wanted to leave her a comment on one of her posts. It gave me the option to sign up. So here I am. Signed. Let's see if I actually stick with this! I'll post more later. I'm here to leave a comment for Brandy remember?

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