Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm alive!

I know I haven't posted lately and that's because I've been busy with school and family... and oh yea... getting part of my foot CHOPPED OFF! Okay so it's not nearly as traumatic as I want it to seem... but I did get the bunion on my left foot removed and it's been a long healing process. I got my stitches out today... it wasn't that bad. I told the nurse that I am a horrible patient and not to take it personally if I kicked her in the face. Haha... I'll still be in my walking boot for about another five weeks. Some GREAT news came from the appointment today... I can actually SHOWER now! How awesome is that?! Say goodbye to bath time!!

So let's talk chemistry. My midterm grade was an A. I believe I will have an A in this class or a high B when all is said and done. I half assed my research paper because there is only so much you can find on ascorbic acid... which is Vitamin C for those (like me) who had no idea. :)

Next Tuesday I go for my first day of orientation for the nursing program. On this day I will get my schedule, buy my uniforms and supplies and I think also my books. It's going to be a very expensive day!! I will update when I get back from that!

Until next time...