Saturday, August 30, 2008

Word of the day

So Amanda and I were on the phone today, instead of studying of course, and we decided that every day we are going to post a word of the day and we have to use it in a sentence and that sentence has to pertain to school or family, etc.

Word of the day: iota
Definition: a very small quantity

I don't have one iota what I am doing in dosage calculations.


Until next time...

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been confirmed... life really is over!

This is my first full week of school finished. In this first week I have to read 16 chapters and take TWO tests for each of those chapters. Yes, two. A pre-test, and then a post-test, which is graded. Mind you, I like having the pre-test because it let's me know where I need more help. However, when each chapter has a gazillion pages and both tests take about an hour combined to complete... death becomes an option at this point.

Not only did our instructor mention that just because it's Labor Day weekend doesn't mean we don't get to labor over our books. She called it our "Labor Day study plan." I'm so thankful for Labor Day and whatever it stands for because had it not been for Labor Day, I would be so far behind on my studies that I don't think I would make it. And I'm willing to bet my husband and children would miss me. After all, who would make dinner?

I now have five days to get caught up. Wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it. LOTS AND LOTS of it!!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My life... is over

So my teachers have been kind enough to submit the syllabus and calendars today... 4 days early... you know, so I can read through everything and then get freaked the hell out!!! I'm looking through the agenda for my first lab class and I get to the part that reads this:

Wear 2 pc swim suit or shorts/sleeveless top
Bring 2-3 towels, 2 washcloths, razor, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, comb, lip balm, hair dryer, etc.

What the fuh-hell????? So apparently we are to give each other baths. I'm sorry, but I barely let my husband see me naked, or even HALF dressed for that matter... let alone someone I've only known for three weeks! Yes... this craziness begins in WEEK THREE!!!

And then there's pharmacology... holy hell what did I get myself in to? The syllabus reads like a murder mystery! Cause I know... I'm going to DIE trying to get through this class!

So it's official... my life as I currently know it... is O-V-E-R!! I need a drink!

Until next time...

Books... wtf?

I'm totally going to have to take a picture of this mess to show you all what I'm talking about but I swear I got around 10 books for this semester. For this semester!! And it cost $800!!! I could think of much better ways to spend this money! I think it's disgusting that the school won't share the ISBN numbers so that us students can look elsewhere for the books to get a cheaper rate. I understand that people with financial aid and student loans HAVE to get their books from the school, but what about the people who pay for their school out of their pockets? School starts on Monday and I'm totally stressing. I've already started reading one of my books. I started on chapter 1... with my luck we're heading straight into chapter 4. Bastards. However, one of my professors already posted the schedule so I know what I'm reading we will be working on come Monday morning!!

Until next time...

Move is complete

Okay so as you can tell there are a TON of new posts that have just appeared. Reason being, I previously had a blog with a friend of mine who was getting ready to start school. WELL... she never started and never updated anymore so I decided to come back to this place and use it and abuse it! So from now on, expect to see a lot of posts with me FREAKING out about nursing school. While you are here, you should read some of my previous posts, including my favorite, "I'm going! I'm going!" Good times!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School started!

Well, not for me but for my girls. WAHOOO!!!!! I get a week and a half by myself to do what I wanna do!! Isn't that so exciting?? Hehe... I start school on the 25th of the this month. I probably won't update much before then. Hope you're having a great summer!!

Until next time,