Thursday, August 21, 2008

Books... wtf?

I'm totally going to have to take a picture of this mess to show you all what I'm talking about but I swear I got around 10 books for this semester. For this semester!! And it cost $800!!! I could think of much better ways to spend this money! I think it's disgusting that the school won't share the ISBN numbers so that us students can look elsewhere for the books to get a cheaper rate. I understand that people with financial aid and student loans HAVE to get their books from the school, but what about the people who pay for their school out of their pockets? School starts on Monday and I'm totally stressing. I've already started reading one of my books. I started on chapter 1... with my luck we're heading straight into chapter 4. Bastards. However, one of my professors already posted the schedule so I know what I'm reading we will be working on come Monday morning!!

Until next time...


Gnome said...

Hey now I have a new space to BLOG-stalk you! Well my blog layout is not nearly as blogalicious as yours so I say keep da one ya got! I will look for the link for you anyway! I am off to fly to my sister's wedding in TX.....did I tell yo I am afraid to fly? Xannax is my new friend along with acupuncture seeds in my ears! God I am a wimp!

Our Salty Life said...

You changed it again! lol!

Just one example of better things you could spend that money on:


I'm just sayin'.


At least you will most likely get a syllabus for your class this! Good luck on not getting mums, either! lmao!