Friday, October 26, 2007

Middle School & Braces...

So today at about ten til noon my daughter calls me from school. (She's in the 8th grade) She was really upset and I really couldn't gather what all she was talking about. What I did get was this:

Her: Hi mommy. I need to go to the ortho.
Me: Why baby, what happened?
Her: I was standing in the hall next to my locker and these two girls were messing around and one of them shoved me into the locker. Now my wire on my braces is messed up and I need to go to the ortho.
Me: Were they fighting? Are you okay?
Her: No they were messing around.
Me: Are you okay?
Her: Yea, but I need to go to the ortho.
Me: Is the wire poking out?
Her: It hurts. I need to go to the ortho.

So... I call her ortho and they tell me to bring her in right away. Now, judging from that conversation I get that she was pushed into a locker and the wires on her braces are broke and need fixed. Right? But when I pick her up the only thing that is wrong are the rubber things that hold the wire down had come off. I took her to the ortho anyway because I wanted to make sure the wire wasn't bent or that her tooth was loose. Apparently two girls were horsing around and one of the girls shoved the other girl forcing that girl to bump into my daughter therefore slamming her into the lockers face first. Her upper lip was split and she will most likely end up with a bruise on her cheek. She is going to be okay. Her teeth are fine and we just have to make sure we watch it over the next few days if it changes color. Apparently nothing happened to these two girls except they got a talking to from one of the teachers. It is so frustrating. The receptionist at the ortho told me that just last week a kid came in to get his braces fixed because someone through a desk at him. A DESK! What is wrong with these kids???

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bn said...

Oh, don't you remember those days? Remember you and me and being followed by mean girls? Wow. Being a kid can be hard!!!!!!

I'm so glad you are blogging now. This is such a great way to hear everyone's stories.


Nurse Stacy said...

Ugh... I totally remember that. Those girls were AWFUL!! Just AWFUL!