Thursday, April 17, 2008

Itchy anus what?

On Tuesday I had a microbiology lab exam and I was so scared I was going to bomb it! A lot of what I needed to study was worms and their life cycle. I had remembered ALL of the worms and their eggs but I couldn't for the life of me remember HOW humans get them and WHAT they do to humans so I didn't get a lot of that part of the question right. But my favorite one of all, the worm that gives you anal itching, I got RIGHT!!! (that would be the enterobius vermicularis-or pinworm to those who are keeping score) Anyway, I got my test results today and I got a 75%!!! I'm so excited! I know, I know... a 75? you ask... but trust me... this is GREAT news for me considering how nervous I was about this test to begin with. The last thing I have to do is my final exam for lab on this coming Tuesday and if I do well on it, it will replace the sucky grade I received on our first lab exam... which I am too embarassed to tell you what it was! (*cough*65*cough*)

Well that's the only thing new with me. I have to work tonight and I'm totally not looking forward to it, especially with this FABULOUS weather we are having!!!

Until next time...

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