Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the voice of Sylvester...

Suffering Succotash! That's what I currently sound like thanks to my disobedience with my original orthodontist. In January 2003 I got my braces removed to show a new beautiful, straight smile. I didn’t follow instructions and here lately my teeth had started to shift back into their old home. SO… I sucked it up and went back to the ortho, forked over 900 bills and they gave me new pretty pink retainers with springs in them to help move my teeth back into the old, new, straight smile. Now I’m suffering miserably and I sound like a special kid who rides the short bus!! Oh well… it’ll be all worth it because I’ll have that beautiful, straight smile back in about six months and I can move on with my drooling self.

In school news, I have only two weeks. I say only like it is no big deal but the fact of the matter is, these next two weeks are going to be HELL!! PURE HELL!!! I have a microbiology test next week and then the week after that I will have my final anatomy exam PLUS my final micro exam. Let us not forget the 2000 word minimum, 6-8 page paper I have to write for sociology. Working title: Sociology and Me. I know right? I puked in my mouth a little too. I’m taking the sociology online so I’ve been able to work ahead so I can leave plenty of study time for anatomy and micro. I also need to sit down and make my cheat sheet for my micro final exam. We get to use a card for the test and I already know what I’m putting on it: chemistry and antimicrobial drugs. Two of the things I couldn’t remember for the life of me and failed miserably on previous tests. LOL.

I’ve registered for my summer class, which funny enough, is Intro to Chemistry. I’m taking this class online because I plan to have foot surgery this summer. I went to the foot doc today and he told me the pain in the bottom of my foot is plantarfasciitis which is the inflammation of the tendons in my foot. Sounds like fun right? Wrong! It hurts like a mother effer! So after we get this taken care of, by taking an anti-inflammatory, wearing arch support insoles and a really, really tight sock, it should go away. Then after that we plan to work on those annoying bunions that have been killing me ever since I can remember. He said I am in the “moderate stage” and that it will be a fairly simple surgery to take care of them. I will be in a walking boot for about 5 weeks and we can only do one foot at a time. I’m totally going to do the left one first because I have to drive Cami to summer gym/band camp every day this summer. He also said there shouldn’t be any need for crutches. Yay me! I hate those suckers. Anyway… I think I’ve written enough today so I’m out! PEACE!!

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