Sunday, November 25, 2007

Football & Anatomy & other goodies

First things first. The Chiefs are KILLING me this year. Seriously killing me. Fire Herm, fire Peterson! I'm sick of this season already and wish it would end... like right now!

Second. I got 100% on my latest anatomy test!! Oh yea! That's right!

Thanksgiving went really well this year. Kris' parents and brother came up and we had a fabulous dinner and a really good visit. I didn't event attempt to go shopping on black Friday even though I saw a couple of things I wouldn't have minded getting early. However, I have no patience when it comes to crowds and shopping. And seriously, is there anything worse than a mom shopping for Christmas bargains? That's a scene I wanted no part of!

See ya,

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Diane said...

LOL. I love you and I know that you're dying with the Chiefs. WAY TO GO on your Anatomy Test, that is awesome!! I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving, I didn't even bother going out Friday, moms and bargains aren't my scene.