Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Okay... now I'm upset

Ya know, after 9/11 happened every one that I knew was very concerned they were going to lose their jobs with the airlines, my husband included. Slowly and surely everyone started to be let go from United Airlines here in Indianapolis... and yes, the airline industry did ask the government for help so that they wouldn't have to let people go. Unfortunately, that help never came. My husband was laid off, his employee stock went from about $10,000 down to the 48 cent check they wasted mailing to him. Not to mention all the long timers that lost their job, their pension, their stock... their lives as they knew it.

What pisses me off is how the government is jumping ALL over helping these mortgage companies and now the insurance company AIG is getting 85 BILLION dollars to help bail them out. WTF? Yes, it sucks that all of these companies are going bankrupt... and yes, it sucks that people are going to lose their jobs. Where the fuck was Bush when my husband lost his job??

I can only imagine that there is money going into their pockets by helping out these companies. If I only had enough time to do some investigating. If anyone knows me well enough, they know I'm the internet search queen and I can find out ANYTHING about ANYONE. Dare me.

*end rant

Until next time...

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