Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm in!

So I'm on the phone with Amanda R. today and we were complaining about this chemistry class when I was coming up the stairs to the kitchen I heard the mail man close the mail box. Now, I've been waiting to hear back from the Columbus campus whether I got into the nursing program or not. I found out last week I didn't get in to the two other campuses I put in for so you know I was nervous about getting the last letter. So anyway I'm on the phone with her and I'm like "Oh my GAWD the mail man just came" so I waited for him to leave the porch and Amanda is like, "okay get the mail" and I'm like "Okay....." So I open the box and right on top of everything is a letter from Ivy Tech and I scream "OH MY GOD IT'S A THICK ENVELOPE!!!!" So I'm trying to tear this envelope open while on the phone with Amanda and my hands are shaking uncontrollably and the first word I read is Congratulations! so I start yelling I GOT IN! I GOT IN! So yep... I got into the nursing program in Columbus and I'm totally stoked!!!!

I seriously thought all hope was lost because I didn't get in to the other campuses so now I'm REALLY EXCITED that I got in!! I've heard so many good things about the Columbus campus and even though the drive is going to be a bitch, it really is only ten minutes longer than it takes me to get to Lawrence!! Anyway, wish me luck!!!

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